K9LM - Canine Lifecycle Management Cloud Solution

K9 Lifecycle Management (K9LM) cloud solution is a comprehensive, industry-unique online approach to evaluate the performance of canines for detecting explosives, drugs, nutria, agricultural and meat products as well as their performance in conducting search and rescue mission at various government agencies.

This solution is currently being utilized by the Canine Validation Program at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, US Department of State.

K9LM cloud solution provides a suite of integrated and interactive modules providing the following stake holders with complete lifecycle management of their respective canine programs:

  •     Canine program managers
  •     Canine-Handler team providers
  •     Veterinarians
  •     Validation teams
  •     Data analysis and decision making
  •     Travel, logistics and HR teams

The purpose of K9LM is to ensure customers with K9 programs have the most capable tools possible to achieve a consistent, efficient, data-driven Canine Program Management platform.
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