Optimum Software Solutions Management

Optimum Software Solutions Solutions was founded in 2007 by former IT consultants who have been on the cutting edge of software and IT consulting. This company is managed and run by former consultants who understand the needs and demands of best and the brightest consultants out there in the United States who are often subject to restrictions in career advancements due to arcane policies of traditional employers that aim to recruit and retain talent with aid of outdated immigration laws.

Why Join Optimum Software Solutions

We aim to give higher standards of the work environment for all the employees. Optimum Software Solutions assures all the current and prospective employees that we will never use the enormous power granted to the employer by American immigration laws and we will set a higher bar that will be a role-model for all employers that recruit professional talent - foreign-born or native.

Freedom to choose how you handle your immigration process:

We will never stall or interfere with your immigration process and we will never withhold immigration paperwork under the guise of immigration laws. We will never try to restrict your ability to work for someone else should you choose to do so. Optimum Software Solutions will never force you to hire the company immigration lawyers and you will always have the freedom to hire an immigration lawyer of your choice. If you choose to go with company lawyer for your immigration case, we will never try to restrict your access to lawyer for any issue or questions you have.

Transparency, openness and no-nonsense co-operation with employees:

There will be complete transparency into your immigration process with unfettered access to your case, your paperwork and your chosen lawyer.

Higher Standards, for employees too:

At Optimum Software Solutions, its all our consultants. We strive to accomplish higher standards not just for our clients but also for our most valuable assets – our employees.

Optimum Software Solutions believes that the services of an Organization are only as good as the people that offer them. Our people make it possible for our customers to succeed. We go to great lengths to ensure that our consultants are equipped with the tools & technologies required for their best performance for the work at hand. For Optimum Software Solution's team, excellence and superior customer service is not an option, but a way of life.

Because we've earned our pride as excellent services and solutions organization, we're looking for people who share our vision to be a performance-driven and Customer delight oriented Company. We have great opportunities for professionals who are highly accountable for deliverables and service-and who take pride in their achievements. Industry professionals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have a passion to excel should look no further than Optimum Software Solutions! If "career" for you means "Growth, Learning, development, Challenge, and Empowerment", then this is the place to be!

Equal Opportunity Employer

Optimum Software Solutions is an equal opportunity employer.


For more information please contact Careers at jobs@optimumssi.com