Optimum Software Solutions offers some of the best consultants in IT and software development and maintenance - both for on-site projects and off-site remote development. Our employees are recruited after rigorous screening and competitive tests so that we have only the best talent to offer our clients. Ours services include design, development, maintenance, business analysis, installation and customer support with ourunique approach, an advantage over traditional IT consulting companies.

Optimum Software Solutions offers a full range of expert IT and business consulting and project implementation services. Our services answer the strategic and business performance objectives of our clients by creating cost-effective process improvements and technology solutions. Optimum Software Solutions is committed to provide the best possible Technology Talent & Services to our clients. We are also committed to facilitate the needs of our clients through innovative and robust solutions, reliable service, personalized attention and flexibility. We can address your specific professional services requirements with perfect resource matches for the following needs:

  • Product Development
  • Consulting Staff
  • On Site and Off site Project Staffing
  • Permanent Staffing

We engage in full SDLC project management and implementation as well as staff augmentation. Our consultants are seasoned professionals and know how to use technologies to create cost-effective process improvements and technology solutions for the best advantage of our clients, so that the clients focus on their core business tasks.

By using Optimum Software Solutions’ dynamic resourcing model, clients can increase efficiency, shorten the development life cycle and deliver a higher-quality end product to positively impact their bottom lines. We provides IT services to customers ranging from Fortune 500 to fast growing startups. Our clients include a number of Small to Medium size Businesses and government agencies.

We subject our recruits to intensive interviews and competitive tests before we bring them on board so every time you retain a consultant from Optimum Software Solutions, you have a guarantee of best quality performance and highest level of satisfaction.

Practice Areas:

Optimum Software Solutions' consultants specialize in Oracle Financial Applications, Oracles Database Server, Oracle Application Server and other Oracle softwares. We specialize in consulting with Oracle software on UNIX, LINUX and Windows platform. We also provide consulting in following practise areas:

ERP Systems:

Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Salesforce, SAP.

Project Management:

Project Manager(PMI), Risk Management, Scope Management, Capacity Planning, Change Management, Configuration Management, Contingency Planning, Defect Management, SDLC Business Analyst, Disaster Recovery.

Open Source:

Linux, Linux Cluster, MySQL, Replication, DRBD configuration, Eclipse, PHP, Java, Python, Perl, Drupal, Joomla, Apache, Open Office, XAMPP, LAMP, OpenLDAP, OpenID, BuddyPress, WordPress, Wiki, Tomcat, Java Open, JBOSS Application Server.

Database Management:

Database administration and application development in Oracle, DB2, Informix, SQL-Server, MySQL.


ATM, Cisco Certified Network Analyst/Amins, Certified Novell Engineers, Frame Relay, Router Configuration, ISDN, LAN / WAN programming, MCP, MCSE, NetWare, PBX, Sniffer, Sonet, TCP/IP, Telecom, Windows NT/2003 Server.

Unix and System Administration:

AIX, HP-UX, Kernel programming, Linux, C/C++, CORBA, HP OpenView, Perl Scripts, Sun Solaris System, Tivoli, Tuxedo.

Web Development, Portal and E-Commerce solutions:

Weblogic Portal, WebSphere Portal, Autonomy Server, Documentum, JSF, JSR, J2EE, EJB, Java, JavaScript, JSP, .NET, C#, Cold Fusion, BEA WebLogic, Matrix, ASP, ASP.NET, DreamWeaver, ActiveX, EDI, HTML, PHP programming, Microsoft IIS, PERL, Security, VB.NET, VBScript, BroadVision, CGI, CSS, DHTML, WebSphere, XML/XSLT.

Legacy systems:


For more information please contact Client Services at Services@OptimumSSI.com