Navy Seaport Enhanced

Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e) is a Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle that uses a web-based, e-business procurement Portal, to facilitate performance-based service acquisition, leverage buying power, improve business intelligence and reduce cycle time.

Optimum Software Solutions, Inc. was awarded Seaport-e contract as Prime. Optimum has the ability to provide world-class professional support services for NAVSEA Program Executive Offices, Directorates, and field activities.

Contract Number: N0017815D8346

Sponsored By: The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)

Who Can Use: NAVSEA and Naval Warfare Centers

Contract Type: Fixed Price, Fixed Fee, Incentive Fee, Cost-plus-Incentive-Fee, Cost-plus-Award-Fee, Cost-plus-Fixed-Fee

Zones: 2, 4, 6

Contract Period: April 5, 2015 through April 4, 2019

Points of Contact: Ravi Penmetcha -

Functional Areas:

Under Seaport-e contract, Optimum could provide services in five (5) functional areas. These are: Functional Area 5 - System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support Functional Area 6 - Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support Functional Area 11 - Quality Assurance (QA) Support Functional Area 12 - Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support Functional Area 18 - Training Support

Teaming Partners:

Optimum is Prime on Seaport-e contract without any teaming partners at this time. To best serve NAVSEA and Naval Warfare Centers, Optimum may add teaming partners depending upon the Task Order opportunities. In this sub-section, we will publish all teaming members under this contract, including the type of their business, the capability/area of expertise and services experience of each Team member:

Task Orders:

At this time Optimum has not received any task orders under Seaport-e. In this sub-section, we will publish the copy of (only unclassified) task orders received under this contract, including the task order Number and the customer:

Quality Assurance Program:
Optimum's Quality Management Program is available here

Customer Satisfaction Contact: 850-888-8460