Optimum's integrated management approach enables us to deliver quality products, apply cost-reducing measures, and maintain a superior quality assurance program from project conception through final delivery and ongoing maintenance. We pride ourselves in the ability to meet our customers changing needs with minimal impact on cost or schedule. We are able to provide support on small state of the art developmental task as well as large complex projects that require a broad range of support and requirements.

Optimum has consistently utilized a successful management approach on all of our various contracts. Our collective success derives from implementing correct strategies and tactics. This approach has enabled our customers to succeed in their missions while realizing cost savings as a result of our proven, well-defined processes. Our approach begins with engaged Executive Sponsors and superior Program and Project Management practices. The following areas are covered under our Quality Assurance Program.

    Executive Sponsorship and Effective Governance
    Program Management
    Contract and Financial Management
    Resource Management
    Project Management
    Change Management
    Risk Management
    Quality Management
    Effective Communication
    Guaranteed responsiveness
    Approach to problem resolution