Optimum SSI - Change Management System

OptimumSSI-CMS is fully integrated Change Management System for Application and database changes integrating all the processes involved in software development life cycle. The latest release of CMS software could be used with Oracle Application Server, specifically OC4J component, BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere and all other major application servers conforming to J2EE and SOA Architecture standards. OptimumSSI-CMS is a java based software change management application which works with all major databases including Oracle Database, MS SQL Server and MYSQL. As such CMS provides flexibility to our clients to use any database of their choice. CMS works extremely efficiently with Oracle Applications 11i environment utilizing Oracle Application Server and Oracle Database.

To create CMS, Optimum Software Solutions conducted a study to better understand the industry needs - Six Principles of Release Management. OptimumSSI-CMS is designed to address the following needs of the application development process:

  • Audit changes to the E-Business Software
  • Efficiently accelerate the software change management process
  • Protect E-Business from the risks of dependence on specific set of resources
Some of the key features of CMS include:
  • Software source control
  • Automatic builds
  • Workflow suitable for software change management
  • Distribution of software to non-production & Production environment
  • Application release management
  • Software change control
  • Software change management for database related changes
  • Automatic build process for projects employing J2EE, EJB SOA architecture
  • Reports status of software activities in the organization
  • Keeps audit trail of “on the fly” database changes
  • Backup repository
  • File difference
  • File authentication
  • Performance test for web pages
  • Ability to rollback to a previous release with the click of a button
  • Ability to check that the release exists in QA or Production with the click of a button
  • Automatic emails to inform team members about the status of the changes at each step of the way
  • Customizable permissions of users for different functionalities
  • Backup repository
  • File authentication
  • Performance test for Web application
  • Send emails to pre-defined users

OptimumSSI-CMS is extremely flexible software to customize the software for your project needs. We provide full on-site support to make your applications development process smoother.

We are currently testing CMS with the recently released version of Oracle Applications 12i and will soon release the new release of fully functional CMS software for Oracle Applications 12i.

Please contact us to send you a copy of free trial OptimumSSI-CMS Software or pricing information.