Optimum SSI - Office Management System

OSSI-Office Management System or “OMS” is a total package solution to efficiently run office management for small and mid size clients. OMS is fully customizable package solution offering management of Payroll, Employee Management, Invoices and Payables systems. It is extremely easy to Setup and Customize OMS using the user interface provided in the OMS application.

OMS saves some of our clients over hundred thousand dollars per year as our clients can now efficiently manage back office and front office processes along with the payroll system within their office, without the burden of overhead cost due to the outsourcing of payroll operation.

OMS application records all information in the database and the application keeps track of all business activities in the database of your choice. OMS is compatible with Oracle Database (including Oracle Express Database), MS Access and MYSQL databases which have no extra cost overhead to our clients using OMS.

The system provides easy to use Screens to record information relating to Applicants/Employees, Clients, Employee Assignments, Bill Rates and Pay Rates for the Assignments and Timesheets.

OMS also provides options to deduct transport expenses or loans from employees pay checks. Also the user can specify different hours for pay and billing. You can even mark an assignment for billing only or for pay only. The application allows the user to add bonus to the pay checks.

Payroll Checks and Invoices are generated as soon as Timesheets are entered and no extra data entry is required. Invoices can be adjusted to include past dues or interest before printing. There are many formats to choose for printing invoices depending on your clients requirements and can be customized.

Powerful filtering system let you filter information according to your needs on every screen. There are additional Query Screens to provide more specific and detailed information. The Management Reports give you clear picture of the profitability and margins for each client.

OMS could be easily customized to suite to your business needs. Optimum Software Solutions could also develop any report or track your specific business activity requirement.

Some of the OMS Features include:

Employees Management
  • Enter New Applicants
  • Quickly Search Employees/Applicants by City, Type of Work, Availability and other criteria
  • Assign Employees to Clients
  • Keep track of Employees Assignments/Jobs
  • Search Employees history of work
Timesheets Management
  • Enter Timesheets by weekending
  • Enter Adjustments
  • Search posted Timesheets information
  • Compare Timesheets with Assignments and bill accurately
Invoice Management (Account Receivable)
  • Invoices created automatically upon entering Timesheet
  • You can selectively choose employees not to bill
  • Many format of Invoices (By Department, By Company etc)
  • Can add adjustment items to invoices (Late Payment Fees, Adjustments etc)
Payroll Management
  • Calculation of Federal and State Payroll Taxes (Weekly)
  • Checks created automatically upon entering Timesheets
  • Can choose not to generate Check but generate invoice for an employee
  • Can enter Deductions and Bonus (Garnishments, Transport expense etc)
  • Print Weekly Payroll Register and many other reports
  • Print WR-30 Quarterly for NJ State Gross Tax
  • Print W-2s at the year end
  • Custom Reports for all your needs
Payables Management
  • Print checks for your bills
  • Keep track of all your expenses
  • Custom Reports to track expenses
Management Reports
  • Gross Margin by Clients Report (Know where you are making most money)
  • Sales Reps. Commission Report (Pay your Sales Representative on his performance)
  • Business Analysis reports
Please contact us to send you a copy of free trial OptimumSSI-OMS Software or pricing information.